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Too early for studying.

Please ignore my all around trifeness.


Inigo Aragon - Contemporary Altars (2012)


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Too early for studying.

Please ignore my all around trifeness.



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Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, the first black woman to earn a doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in nuclear physics.


Meet the youngest person on Earth to achieve nuclear fusion

Taylor Wilson built his first bomb when he was 10 years old. Four years later, he became the thirty-second person on Earth to ever build a working nuclear fusion reactor.

"I would say someone like [Taylor] comes along maybe once in a generation," says Kristina Johnson, who, when she met Taylor, was serving as the Under Secretary of Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy. "He’s not just smart; he’s cool and articulate. I think he may be the most amazing kid I’ve ever met."

And after reading this incredible profile on Taylor, penned by Popular Science’s Tom Clynes, we’re inclined to agree — though calling Taylor “smart” may just be the understatement of the century.

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Positive kaon (K+) decay in bubble chamber.

Credit: CERN

For a pretty naive info visit the source (Yin Yang) at UC DavisNuclear Physics Group, no offense intended, I  loved the site.

Fission (“splitting”) occurs when the nucleus of large, unstable atoms, like uranium and plutonium, break into smaller atoms, releasing energetic radiation and neutrons. Fission powers the “atomic” bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, and all nuclear power reactors.

Fusion (“joining”) occurs when light atoms, primarily isotopes of hydrogen, fuse into larger atoms, releasing fantastic quantities of energy. Fusion powers the sun and “hydrogen” bombs, which are called “thermonuclear” for the intense heat needed to overcome electrical repulsion between positively-charged hydrogen nuclei. Fusion, however, is extremely difficult to control; although billions have been spent to tame fusion for electricity, practical reactors are decades away. 


but really doe, i’m not bout that nuclear life (at UNO - Science Building)

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